Restaurant Menu


Clam Chowder

thick and creamy, our award winning recipe ~ Cup $5.99 | Crock $6.99

Haddock Chowder

with the freshest haddock around ~ Cup $6.50 | Crock $7.50

Creamy Tomato Soup

a classic - rich and creamy tomato soup ~ Cup $3.99 | Crock $5.50

Baked Onion Soup

baked with garlic crouton and topped with layers of melted cheeses ~ $6.99

Crock of Chili

our award-winning chili topped with melted cheddar and jalapenos, served with tri colored tortilla chips ~ $6.99


Honey Buffalo Tenders

our breaded chicken tenders tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce and served with chunky bleu cheese dressing, carrots and celery ~ $10.99

Homemade Onion Rings

thick cut spanish onions breaded in a seasoned sweet flour, served with our homemade horseradish sauce for dipping ~ $8.99

Lobster Nachos

tri-colored corn tortilla chips topped with our award winning lobster seafood sauce and melted cheese ~ $15.99

Buffalo Wings

our breaded chicken wings basted in a Louisiana hot sauce, served with blue cheese, carrot and celery sticks ~ $10.99

Chicken Tenders

tender, white chicken, breaded and deep fried served with sweet and sour sauce ~ $9.99

Scallops Wrapped in Bacon

fresh sea scallops wrapped in bacon and served with our own maple walnut sauce ~ $14.99

*Fresh Oysters on the Half Shell

shucked fresh, served with lemon wedges and our own cocktail sauce ~ $2.25 each

Mozzarella Sticks

breaded and deep fried mozzarella cheese served with marinara sauce for dipping ~ $8.99

Potato Skins

sliced potato wedges topped with crumbled bacon & melted cheeses and served with sour cream for dipping ~ $10.99

Tavern Nachos

corn tortilla chips with melted cheese, tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and black olives ~ $11.99 | with chili or chicken ~ 15.99

Local Steamers

one full pound and freshly caught from local waters our steamers are served with drawn butter and broth ~ Market Price


Fresh Garden Salad

a mix of crisp greens and fresh local vegetables served with dressing of your choice ~ $6.99

Lobster Salad Plate

lobster salad on a bed of field greens with fresh garden vegetables and your choice of dressing ~ Market Price

Greek Salad

mixed greens, red onions, tomatoes, feta cheese, Kalamata olives, pepperoncini, cucumbers and Greek dressing ~ $10.99

Buffalo Chicken Salad

breaded buffalo chicken tenders, tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions served on a bed of greens with blue cheese dressing ~ $13.99

Caesar Salad

fresh romaine lettuce tossed to order with Caesar dressing, croutons & anchovies, sprinkled with parmesan cheese ~ $7.99 - add anchovies for $1.00

Arugula Salad

freshly sliced cucumbers, tomatoes and avocados served on a bed of baby arugula and tossed in housemade citrus dressing ~ 10.99

Herbed Chicken Salad

parsley, dill and chives gives our salad a vibrant flavor, served on a bed of fresh greens, sliced cucumbers shredded carrots and berry tomatoes ~ 12.99

Salad Add-On's

Grilled Chicken $6 ~ *Steak Tips $8 ~ Salmon $8 ~ Grilled Scallops $8

Salad Dressings

Hpuse Italian, Oil & Vinegar, Ranch, Russian, Blue Cheese, Caesar, Parmesan Peppercorn, Honey Mustard, Rasperry Vinaigette, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Citrus Vinaigrette and Greek


*Tavern Burger

a classic! our fresh ground burger is purchased locally from Joe’s Meat Shoppe ~ $10.99

*Smokey Bacon Burger

hickory smoked bacon and cheddar cheese cooked to the temperature of your liking ~ $12.99

*Surf & Turf Burger

our tavern burger topped with local lobster meat and our delicious lobster sauce ~ $15.99

*Tomato and Avocado Burger

our fresh ground beef burger topped with sliced tomato and avocado ~ $11.99

*Grilled Cheeseburger

fresh ground burger meat topped with your choice of cheese ~ $11.99


Fried Haddock Sandwich

fresh haddock deep fried and topped with cheddar cheese, served on a grilled bulkie roll ~ $13.99

Turkey Club

triple decker classic ~ deli turkey, crisp bacon, lettuce, fresh tomato and mayo on toasted white bread ~ 11.99

Turkey Panini

turkey with cheddar, sliced tomato, pickles and cole slaw on grilled handcut multigrain bread ~ 10.99

Classic Roast Beef

with swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onions anf horseradish mayo piled high on focaccia bread ~ $10.99

Lobster Salad Roll

lobster meat, seasoned and tossed with celery and mayonnaise, served on a grilled roll ~ Market Price

Chicken Salad Sandwich

parsley, dill and chive give this chicken salad a lively flavor, served on multigrain bread ~ 11.99

BBQ Roast Beef and Cheddar

thinly sliced roast beef brushed with our own zesty bbq sauce ~ 10.99

Corned Beef Reuben

sliced corned beef, sauerkraut and swiss cheese with russian dressing on multigrain ~ $11.99

BLT Sandwich

a classic ~ with crisp bacon, lettuce, mayonnaise and sliced tomato served on toasted white bread ~ $8.99

Turkey Avocado Sandwich

house roasted turkey with avocado and arugula on focaccia bread with lemo herb mayonnaise ~ 11.99

Grilled Chicken on Focaccia

grilled chicken breast topped with tomato, fresh mozzarella and a balsamic reduction ~ $10.99


New England Boiled Lobster

one pound lobster caught daily by local fisherman, served with drawn butter and lemons ~ Market Price


a cup of clam chowder, local steamers, and a boiled lobster served with lemon and drawn butter ~ Market Price

Broiled Sea Scallops

fresh sweet sea scallops, lightly dusted with herbed bread crumbs and broiled in lemon, butter and white wine ~ $24.99

Baked Shrimp Pie

an american classic ~ shrimp baked in a casserole and topped with buttery cracker crumb stuffin ~ $22.99

Fresh Grilled Salmon

fresh salmon filet basted with lemon, butter and white wine and grilled to perfection ~ $20.99

Scallops Parmesan

our sweet scallops cooked to perfection and topped with a homemade parmesan cream sauce ~$25.99

Clambake for Two

two cups of clam chowder, steamed clams, twin boiled lobsters, lemon, drawn butter ~ Market Price

North Atlantic Haddock

fresh haddock filet, tender and flaky, sprinkled with seasoned cracker crumbs and baked in butter and lemon ~ $19.99 |add cream cheddar parmesan sauce for $2 | add our lobster seafood sauce for $4


Fried Clam Plate

native clams lightly breaded and delicately fried ~ Market Price

Fried Clam Strip Plate

a generous portion of clam strips fried to perfection ~ $16.99

Fried Sea Scallops

fresh sweet sea scallops delicately fried in a light batter ~ $24.99

Fish and Chips

flaky fresh haddock lightly breaded and fried to a golden brown ~ $16.99

Fried Shrimp

shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico, breaded and fried to perfection ~ $22.99

Fresh Filet of Haddock

fresh haddock filet lightly breaded and fried to a golden brown ~$19.99

King Neptunes Fried Feast for Two

fresh native clams, sea scallops, gulf shrimp, native shrimp & haddock lightly breaded and served with french fries, onion rings and two cups of chowder ~ 68.99

Fisherman's Platter

fresh native clams, sweet sea scallops, native shrimp, jumbo shrimp & Atlantic haddock lightly breaded and fried to a golden brown served with french fries ~ $32.99


*Mixed Grill

our flame broiled tavern tips paired with a boneless chicken breast basted in barbecue sauce ~ $22.99

*Center Cut Sirloin

12 ounces of lean and well seasoned steak cut from the center of the sirloin and cooked perfectly ~ $24.99

Herbed Half Chicken

half of a fresh chicken, marinated in our herb rub for 24 hours and slow roasted to perfection ~ $17.99

*Tavern Tips

chef’s exclusive sirloin tips, marinated in our secret sauce and flame broiled to perfection ~ $21.99


tavern tips with baked haddock ~ $24.99 | tavern tips with baked stuffed shrimp ~ $25.99 | tavern tips with broiled sea scallops ~ $26.99

Side Choices

garlic mashed potato, baked potato, rice pilaf, french fries, cole slaw, vegetable du jour, housemade potato chips, and onion rings (+$1.00)


Cheese Tortellini

tossed in parmesan cream sauce with garlic bread ~ 13.99 |with our award winning lobster seafood sauce ~ $18.99

Eggplant Parmesan

hand breaded and lightly fried eggplant topped with marinara and provolone over linguini with garlic bread ~ $15.99

Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo

tender chicken breast tossed with parmesan cream sauce and fresh steamed broccoli with garlic bread ~ $21.99

Breaded Chicken Parmesan

boneless chicken breast, breaded and pan fried, topped with marinara sauce and melted provolone cheese, served with linguini and garlic bread ~ $18.99


Available daily from 12pm - 4pm

Fish and Chips

flaky fresh haddock lightly breaded and fried to a golden brown ~ $13.99

Fried Shrimp

shrimp from the Gulf of Mexico, breaded and fried to perfection ~ $16.99

Fried Clam Strips

a generous portion of clam strips fried to perfection ~ $11.99

Fried Clams

native clams lightly breaded and delicately fried ~ $17.99

Fried Sea Scallops

fresh sweet sea scallops delicately fried in a light batter ~ $17.99


Chicken Fingers


Grilled Cheese






Pasta with Sauce or Butter


Kraft Macaroni and Cheese


Hot Dog


Fish and Chips



Old Salt Mud Pie

for one $6.99 | for two $8.99

Carrot Cake


Apple Crisp a la Mode


Chocolate Chunk Brownie Sundae


Chocolate Layer Cake


Tahitian Cheesecake


Bread Pudding