Cocktails, Martinis and More

Choco-Mint White Russian

stoli vanilla, kahlua, Mozart chocolate cream, peppermint schnapps, shaken with milk and garnished with a candy cane

Grapefruit Soda

deep eddy ruby red with soda water and splash of cranberry juice


Pecan Pie Martini

brown sugar bourbon, kahlua salted caramel and rumchata with a caramel and chopped pecan rim


Cucumber Martini

aeffen cucumber, st germaine, lime juice and a splash of simple syrup with a cucumber garnish


Cranberry Mule

ice pik vodka (gluten free  and made in nh), cranberry juice, ginger beer and a splash of lime juice


Apple Cider Margarita

hornitos reposado tequila, apple pucker, apple cider and a splash of lime juice with a cinnamon sugar rim


Sugar Cookie Martini

stoli vanilla, baileys and a brown sugar rim


Siked Eggnog

captain Morgan and eggnog


Sparkling Pom

lunetta prosecco, st germaine and pomegranate juice


Canadian Coffee

Pendleton Canadian whiskey and Boston harbor maple cream with coffee topped with whipped cream



Old Salt Coffee

kahlua, bailey’s and grand marnier


Cinnamon Coffee

kahlua, white creme de cacao and cinnamon schnapps


Cafe Seattle

bailey’s vodka and chocolate syrup


Cafe Joy

frangelico. malibu and bailey’s


Joyfull Bull

tequila kahlua and tia maria


Keoke Coffee

kahlua, creme de cacao and brandy


Nikki Coffee

bailey’s and butterscotch schnapps


Tennessee Mud

 jack daniels and amaretto


After Eight

kahlua, bailey’s and white creme de menthe


Gunner Coffee

kahlua, bailey’s and jameson



bailey’s, goldschlager and butterscotch schnapps


Gaelic Coffee

jameson, bailey’s, dark creme dr cacao and milk drizzled with green creme de menthe

Blue Pomegrante

blueberry vodka, triple sec, lime juice and pomegrante juice


Chocolate Dream

pinnacle whipped vodka, white creme de cacao and a splash of godiva liquor


Some Like It Hot

vodka with a splash of olive juice and pepperocini juice


Whipped Dole

pinnacle whipped, pineapple juice and a splash of ice cream


French 75

gin, champagne, lemon and simple syrup


Keylime Martini

blue chair keylime cream, stoli vanilla and whipped cream


Starburst Martini

pinnacle whipped and lemonade with a splash of 7-up and grenadine


Sweet and Sour Martini

tequila, triple sec, midori and a splash of cranberry juice



vodka and triple sec with a splash of orange juice and cream