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"This was our first visit and we are delighted with everything from the service to the food to the reasonable prices! We will be back many times to come... Thank You!" ~ D. Hurley from Florida

"It was my birthday, great mud pie! What a lovely tradition we come here especially for it!!" ~ Patty from Seabrook, NH

"Probably one of the most amazing dining experiences I have ever had. The waitress was perfect and catered to all my needs." ~ Allison from Portsmouth, NH

Excellent food and service. Our waitress was very accommodating and friendly. One of my nephews has severe food allergies and she worked with the staff to get him a nice plate of fruit." ~ Patricia from Hampton, NH

"Best Birthday Dinner I have ever had. Our waitress was super friendly, helpful and attentive. She made our First Old Salt experience a truly enjoyable one. We will be back for sure!" ~Rachael from Sunapee, NH

"Very attentive waitress with a smile on her face the whole time. Very refreshing! All food came out perfect! Very enjoyable experience all the way around - As always." ~ Kaylee from Farmington, NH



Restaurant Review: Old Salt.

Written by Ms. Colby’s 2nd grade class. Awesome!

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Today I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker in my daughter’s 2nd grade classroom at Centre School in Hampton, NH. Ms. Colby, my daughter’s teacher, runs a program called “Write Around the Community” and parents are invited to talk about how they use writing in their work and live.

As the founder of SeacoastKidsCalendar, I write all the time! So I was excited to have the class help me write a restaurant review about the Old Salt in Hampton, NH. (Originally I had Chuck E. Cheese in mind but the majority of kids had been to Old Salt!)

To start our review, I asked them a bunch of questions and we took a bunch of notes. Using that information, we wrote the review as a team. And let me tell you, these kids really know their restaurants! They were SO EXCITED about writing this review and asked if I was going to post it on SKC? You bet!

Thanks to the parents for having such wonderful children, I was honestly humbled by how gracious, interested and thoughtful they were. Ms. Colby– you’re an amazing teacher, thank you for sharing this time with me! And kids…you wonderfully, inspiring, beautiful kids. You made my day, and probably my year. I hope you cultivate a life long love of writing like I have. You guys rock!

So here it is. If you’ve never been to the Old Salt, please enjoy this review. From the mouths of babes, literally.

Restaurant Review: Old Salt
Written by Ms. Colby’s 2nd grade class: Charley, Frank, Tyler, Ana, Phoebe, Cameron, Tate, Cameron, Sarah, Caden, Holly, Abby, Lily, Norah, Brian and Camden (Jason and Brooke were out today, we missed you!)

When you walk in to Old Salt, to your right is the lounge and on the left is the buffet. You can eat inside or outside if the weather is nice. On the menu is popcorn, specials, Shirley Temples, lemonade, fish, mozzarella sticks, and the best of all, the chocolate fountain. They have a Haunted House during Halloween to sponsor Winnacunnet High School. For entertainment, they have comedy shows and parties. You will want to go again and again because the food is really good. If you would like more information, please visit



The Old Salt Restaurant and Lamie's Inn
490 Lafayette Rd (Rte 1)
Hampton, NH 03842

Lamie's Inn: (603) 926-0330            The Old Salt: (603) 926-8322
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